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Why Genesis?

The "old" Wall Street model has broken and with it, the trust of the average investor. We understand and work hard to help the client focus on those issues that are vital to meeting their goals at hand. This is a lengthy process and will cover more than a few rocky periods. In time, we have been able to show the client that focus, discipline and patience can overcome these elements.

Private Equity

We believe in making these types of opportunities accessible to accredited investor clients. Our clients are able to rely on the significant experience of the Merchant Banking division to review or complete private placements, debt offerings, corporate finance issues other select opportunities for qualified candidates.

We approach our review of these opportunities in the same manner as we would under our Wealth Management perspectives. We stress fundamental, statistical analysis in order to eliminate as much of the emotional input as possible during the investment review process. We have found that whether or not a company targeted for investment is public or private, there are a handful of key metrics from company balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements that tend to drive valuations and hence, a view of investment risk and capital preservation goals.

Please feel free to contact us to begin a confidential review of your goals in this area.