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Our Philosophy

Given the global nature of our profession today, there is a world full of financial advice. We can only hope to make a true difference in a few key areas. Our dedication to provide high-quality services to our client is matched with the dedication of our professionals, our values and our judgment.

The typical investment firm has research, portfolio management, marketing, and client relation functions that tend to coexist as separate groups. Neither we nor our clients are comfortable with the impersonal service and high employee turnover suggested by such departmentalization. Instead, our clients prefer to deal with an intelligent, discreet firm where they can develop a personal, lasting relationship with their investment advisor and the assistants who handle their day-to-day needs. We have an open organizational structure, with little hierarchy, where everyone knows each other and tasks are shared. With experience, we have learned that this type of collegial, less structured environment promotes a genuine caring attitude and insures that nothing falls between the cracks.


The term is often overused. In our case, "contrarian" refers to our basic desire to stay far from the crowd psychology that often marks times of change-and opportunity. After years of daily communication to clients, we have a solid record of making sure we always question the "noise" and act in areas that at times, often cause discomfort. We believe that "feeling good" and successful investing rarely go hand-in-hand.