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Management Bios

The Senior Partners at Genesis have combined experience in the financial marketplace spanning several business cycles. This perspective has provided us with a lengthy number of lessons. Those lessons have given us the ability to pass along valuable insights to clients for many years. Our goals are many for clients. Our focus is to help them understand patience, discipline and planning stability as major contributors to long-term success in both the security and accumulation of their wealth.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is the Founder and Managing Partner at Genesis. He was the founder and managing director for Genesis Partners (renamed Genesis Asset Management on January 1, 2007). Mr. Williams ran his own financial planning and advisory firm based in Atlanta, with offices in New York City prior to merging that practice in 2003. In 1983, after a year on Wall Street at the trading floor level, he started Genesis Partners as a private financial planning practice and was registered as an independent representative of FSC Securities.

Mr. Williams continues to provide daily and weekly market insights to thousands of advisors, institutions, and clients around the globe. He e-mails morning and weekly sector reviews to advisors and their clients, appears regularly on CNBC's Market Sector Review and Bloomberg TV, and has led hundreds of audience presentations for advisors and investors, including speaking at the Financial Advisor Symposiums and at the Money Shows each year.

His education includes studies at the College for Financial Planning and courses at the New York Institute of Finance as well as executive level study courses at the Wharton School of Business.